The impact of the Pocari Sweat project by Yoshiyuki Okuyama

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Pocari Sweat, recently directed and photographed by Yoshiyuki Okuyama.

This is a bit of a buzz among photographers and stakeholders in the advertising industry.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical is a Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer that provides products that are useful for health. Another product, CalorieMate, is appealing and recognized by a wide range of people, and is produced with an advertising “unlikely” approach. Likes and dislikes are divided, but in the situation of school, it has been produced for many years with a tone that suits the words of group shooting of group acting, energy and sadness due to youth, and impression.

It reflects the corporate spirit and products, but it is born from the creatives around Dentsu, which is in charge of advertising.

Mr. Okuyama is a Japanese photographer who probably needs no explanation for the readers of this note. He is a filmmaker rather than a photographer.

There are several versions of this Pocari Sweat ad.

“But I saw you” and “New heroine Sena Nakajima”, like most recent advertisements, are linked to CM / Movie and graphics. As for the posting form, there is a multi-layered approach from station pasting to the web, storefront, SNS development.

So, first of all, what is amazing about Mr. Okuyama’s production method, but the easiest thing to understand is that it was shot with an iPhone.

He said, “I made a class of 30 people and took a document with my iPhone about how I actually lived in school. I made a poster by cutting out from the video.”

Mr. Okuyama has been in charge of advertising photography for Pocari Sweat several times in the past, and has published a photo book by itself. This advertisement is also produced with the same approach as that time.

As he wrote, he created a class of 30 people, had them actually live in school, and photographed it with an iPhone. Perhaps, in order to actually take multiple pictures in one day, indoor and outdoor group photos of entrance ceremonies, breaks, cleaning scenes, physical education classes, and all the scenes of school life are covered. The schedule is set up so that.

If you look closely, the school has only 30 students, so the background picture is unnatural. The budget and the situation of the corona may not have allowed the school to have the extras of all students. Without such restrictions, Mr. Okuyama would probably make a proposal to pursue reality.

However, even that seems to represent the quiet interior of the school due to the corona, which is a good visual effect.

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